FreeAC home page

This is the FreeAC official web page. You can find here all you need to use, manage and hack the software. Some "last minute" line of code and news are sometimes provided and a set of links for the download are availables.

What's FreeAC?

FreeAC is a free (as in freedom) implementation of the IBM Assistant software which allow the users to manage tables and fields as in a full featured database in order to have a flexible program to use in any scenario without have to read boring manuals and the whole documentation before to understand how to use the program.

Who is turned to?

It's used to manage a large amount of informations as in a database but without to use keywords or long menu before to do some interesting thing. At this point, we can say that FreeAC is really a program for all users without any restrictions. It's also a nice software for the beginner of programming which can try to edit FreeAC in order to improve it. ATM, the software have less than 3000 lines of code and seems to be quite easy to understand even for non-expert C programmers.


You can learn more about FreeAC by reading the official documentation and the freeac(1) man page. Alternatively, you can use the FreeAC mailing list to get more informations and help from the others users and developers (that is the community). Some screenshot have been published to leave the people see a preview of how the program interface is look like (the curses interface). If you are interested please, visit the screenshots page.

Getting started

Download the latest release of FreeAC and follow the installation instructions from the INSTALL file inside the tarball.

Go to the download page

The latest release is FreeAC-0.2_UNSTABLE. This is a testing version but at least all the implemented features work properly without problems. However, it still need a bit of debug before to be known as "stable". The first stable release (1.0) of FreeAC will be released within the next two months.

Bugs and questions

You can send bug reports, patches, other kind of code or documentation and questions directly to the FreeAC mantainer, Claudio M..

Finally, you can see the FreeAC project page provided by the SourceForce team.